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Johannesburg, South Africa Mission

God is not concerned with the status of the economy world wide.  He is concerned with expanding His Kingdom daily.  To that end we have asked the Lord to confirm which invitations are most critical and strategic for Christian Ministries International to accept.


We are very excited as the Lord has opened this strategic door for Missions.  After many years of receiving invitations we have accepted this particular set of meetings to affect the country. 


Our itinerary is as follows:


1.May 20th depart USA

2.May 22nd preach in Pretoria and another local city

3.May 24 we will minister in Boksburg at a Pastors conference of 800 

Pastors and Leaders

4.May 25th meeting at New Beginnings Ministry Center - a place for the

broken who have lost their place in society

5.May 26th  – 30th Missions World Conference – a Fellowship of local

African Churches – mobilization

6.May 31st to June 3rd – Interacting across Johannesburg in local

churches and ministry for various outreach efforts

7.June 5th preaching in churches affiliated with World Evangelical

Mission International 

8.June 6 return to USA


Your support of this Mission Mobilization for the Great Commission is URGENTLY NEEDED!  


A quick response today of your support is not only encouraging but will be tremendously beneficial.  


This was not a program we expected – so no budgeted dollars were set aside.  Please help CMI continue to carry out the Great Commission and make this Outreach a success!


Mail your check today to:  


CMI, 2615 Serenity Cir N, Fort Pierce, FL 34981


PAYPAL is conveniently available on our "Donations" page


God bless you for your generous gift!

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